We love our youth!

Middle School and High School years are incredibly formational in the lives of students. Recent studies have shown that the most significant impact on students in this age range is their relationship with mature Christian adults. At Blue Course, we seek to give students opportunities to learn and grow alongside others. This happens through mentorships, service opportunities, and participation in our Equip classes.


Teenagers are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today. Because of that, we love to see them serving and involved in ministry. It's a joy to see them using their talents and gifts for the good of others.

Learning alongside

Students take advanced math, science, and history, but the church can give them elementary Bible. We encourage our students to take Equipping the Saints classes with everyone else to learn what they believe and why they believe it.

Learn more about equip classes here.

Mentorship Opportunities

While we want students to learn alongside and serve, we also recognize unique challenges in this phase of life. Sometimes, an outside voice can speak into a student's life in a unique way. 

Because of this, we are implementing a mentorship program for our students. Students meet monthly or more with a mentor who walks through a practical Christian book with the students.