Tim Miller



Tim grew up in Northwestern PA where he was raised in the Corry Alliance Church. He accepted Christ as his Savior at a very young age, and while he can’t point to an exact moment in which his faith became legitimate, he can say that by 7th grade he could start to see his life and worldview differ from his peers. This is the time in his life where his faith began to truly grow, and he first learned to walk with God on a daily basis and he has been walking with the Lord ever since. He was baptized at age 16 in the Corry Alliance Church and in college he was a member of Cru at Penn State, where he majored in Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering. After college, he was a member of Grace Community Church in Corning, NY, until he moved back to Central Pennsylvania in 2013. He started attending SCEFC in 2013 and became a member in early 2014. Since then he has served on the worship team and currently serves as the Facilities Director for the church.