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40 Days of Jesus

Reading Plan & Devotional

The Grace of Giving

by J.L. Wiliams

In Process

an evangelism paradigm, downloadable pdf

Morning with the Lord

Devotional Readings

Prayer & Fasting

by Bill Bright, Founder CRU

Seeking Him Together

Reading Plan & Devotional

Seeking God


Who I Am in Christ

Devotional/Topical Study, with verses



Website with multiple translations available


Website with multiple translations, study tools, and apps


Check the menu for study tools and apps for individual use.


Benevolence Request

Benevolence is given in the form of gift cards, usually $25-$50 per request. Requests for more than $100 (cumulative) must be approved by the elders.

Check Reimbursement Request form

For members who spend on behalf of the congregation. Submit this form with your receipts.

Event Day Clean Up

Expectations for clean up after your event. Use in conjunction with the Facilities Use Request.

Facility Use Request & Policy

2018-19 version, downloadable pdf